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Elan Palatinus
In the Year of our Lord 1470, Schicksal rallied the princes of Europe and unleashed a Crusade to conquer the Far East, only to be defeated by an immortal warrior. Kallen Kaslana, a powerful Valkyrie warrior, must make a choice between love and her oath.
Second Eruption
February 2000: Every personnel of Babylon Labs vanished within a single night. Overseer Otto of Schicksal dispatched a special task force to investigate the incident. No one realized that this mysterious event would quickly escalate to global proportions.
Azure Waters
The Silver Wolf of the Urals was sent on a suicide mission to assassinate the Demoness of Siberia. Little did the Wolf know that this would change her life forever.
Escape from Nagazora
A catastrophic Honkai outbreak decimated the city of Nagazora in 2014. Three girls must band together to escape the stricken city while a secret organization known as Schicksal mobilized its forces to defeat the Herrscher amongst them.
St. Freya High
Having escaped Nagazora with their lives, Kiana, Mei, and Bronya enrolled in St. Freya High as Valkyrie trainees. To prevent an academically challenged Kiana from flunking out, Bronya devised a special plan.
The Gratitude Arc
After defeating a pseudo-Herrscher, an exhausted Theresa was rendered unconscious by a mysterious stigma on her back. Kiana, Mei, and Bronya attempted to revive the principal while the latter found herself entwined with a ravishing beauty.
AE Invasion
A secretive group known as Anti-Entropy made plans to abduct someone from the campus of St. Freya High. Will the Valkyrie trainees protect their friend against this insidious invader?
Moon Shadow
Anti-Entropy struck Schicksal again by acquiring an item of interest from a defector. While the girls celebrated Major Himeko's recovery from her Honkai condition, class monitor Fu Hua received a special mission assignment from the Overseer himself.
World Serpent
Serpent cults have thrived throughout history yet their origins have been long lost to the passage of time. The revelations of this day shall prove that the myths are real. The Serpent has returned and he shall cast the world into a maelstrom of chaos.
London Holiday
Valkyrie Durandal was given a special holiday for her hard work while Rita was sent on a special investigation. Rumors spoke of a mysterious Divine Key that might just be connected to the Matter of Britain.
Second Key
For years, the one within the 2nd Key observed other worlds of the great tree. He witnessed countless civilizations prosper before wilting away, and still he continues his search for the path of humanity's victory over the Honkai. His watch ended when the chosen one entered his world…
Alien Space
Somewhere in the galaxy during the year 2029, the Gates opened and the Sky People were poised to track down the Beacon. Yet this story began 24 years ago in 2005 when repairs of the 4th Divine Key was just completed.
Gemina Tales
The orphan twins sought an answer to true power. Will they succumb to Matushka's mediocre upbringing or will they become the superstars they were born to be?
Kiana Plays Honkai
An experienced veteran of a blockbuster action-packed mobile game with anime graphics accepted a promising disciple under her mighty wings. This is their story.
For years, the Celestial Empyrean defended the lands against Honkai hordes but she always refused to join the Springfest celebrations. Can her little companion find a way to return warmth to her heart?
Schrodinger has been exploring different bubble universes to uncover the truth behind these worlds and thought she had seen enough strange things for several lifetimes. Then she came into a bubble universe that proved rather surprising.
Gemina Invasions
Dr. Einstein identified a world-ending phenomenon known as the Vodka Girls. Dr. Tesla has been dispatched to end their cataclysmic spree across the multiverse. Will she succeed?
Divine Key
Fifty thousand years ago, the precursors of the last era built an advanced civilization. To fend off Herrschers, they created the Divine Keys, weapons that could counter Honkai for the world's future, by researching the remains of Herrscher Cores.
Cooking with Valkyries
Valkyries are more than warriors. They are also exquisite chefs and connoisseurs of fine living. Study from these masters of the kitchen because their recipes actually churn out delicious gourmet food!
Blade of the Empyrean
The Celestial Phoenix of Mount Taixuan and her first disciple Lin Zhaoyu went on a quest to stop Yan Shiluo, a leader of a fire cult, and his Rite of Holy Flames. Any form of corruption must be purged.
Spring Festival Trip
Theresa, who carried out a close study on the Shenzhou tradition of celebrating the Lunar New Year, has finalized her plan. The southern tropics, an uncharted island, the mysterious Nian... A wondrous journey is about to unfold!
Ai-chan's Facts
Ai-chan is the AI system for Honkai Impact 3's battleship, [Hyperion]. She's in charge of operational tasks such as training new cadets, commanding the battleship, and analyzing data. She's the "real" main character... ?!?! Here comes the facts that Honkai Cutie Ai-chan would never tell to players!