The Gratitude Arc
The Gratitude Arc
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Theresa suddenly passed out because something unusual happened to the [Yae Sakura] Stigmata on her back. To wake up Theresa and bring her back, Mei enters Stigma's Data Space and tries to investigate what's wrong.
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Ep.10: Finale
Ep.9: Forgiven
Ep.8: Gratitude
Ep.7: Raging Flames
Ep.6: Dreamland
Ep.5: Sacrifice
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KaiKat 2019-09-08 02:53:53

This art is so beautiful!! Color comics are the best! <3 I could stare at these forever!

Suik 2019-08-06 17:46:46

Holy crap I got goosebumps

CuteHonkai 2019-07-25 10:19:34

Very good please continue making the manga