Second Eruption
Second Eruption
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Midnight Feb 1, 2000 CE, all lab staffs from Babylon Labs, Siberia disappeared in one snowy night… It seemed some one was worrying about "her" presence, when Otto made the order to investigate the mystery accident. And all of these started the 2nd Eruption...
Latest Updated: 2019-12-06
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Second Eruption 65: Epilogue
Second Eruption 64: Ich liebe Dich
Second Eruption 63: Guardian Angel
Second Eruption 62: Core Cascade
Second Eruption 61: The Berserk
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Bowlerhat 2020-01-23 10:41:51

Siegfried now became the good ol' alchoolic daddy ;-;

Marethyu 2020-01-19 00:44:20

Not even god... or so you say