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README 2020-02-18 06:04:31


Bowlerhat 2020-01-23 10:44:09

1.Elan Palatinus (Kallen story) 2.Second Eruption (2nd Impact) 3.and the main comic: the 3rd impact all the others manga are side stories

Kenny 2020-01-20 09:40:59

Could someone help me please I don't understand the order in which I have to read the various manga. for example should I read this before or after

MKazane 2020-01-18 13:05:48

"Kallen Fantasy" Me: ...

Archer 2020-01-18 11:35:39

All aboard the holy train Excalibur!

Tuna 2020-01-18 07:36:12


DaBronya 2020-01-17 08:32:24

"Kallen Fantasy"

Anonsock 2020-01-17 05:35:23

Woah woah woah... shamash elf leak maybe!??

Yuuki 2020-01-16 21:19:26

If you look over the part where it shows Susannah on the screen you see Valkryie Ranger Kiana above her.

Yuuki 2020-01-16 21:18:39

Hey! Kiana's in chapter 6!

ZERO 2020-01-14 20:44:16

Guess many fans has died along with Susannah without even knowing that she's dead or not

SD-254 2020-01-14 17:34:35

This is the trap most fantastic. I see K---- in the screen. But how she get the 3rd divine key? This is curius.

M.A.C 2020-01-14 10:00:59

Otto being as funny as always. On the other hand this site really needs some optimization and design changes.

Yuuki 2020-01-14 08:28:11

Yay new girl didn't die!! I'm happy for her.

Yikes 2020-01-14 08:14:30

So Susannah didn't die she's just been cleaning the whole time

Ubu 2020-01-13 22:14:35

Susanah died guess I die too

No 2020-01-11 21:05:37

If Susannah dies I die with her

M1n0r1 2020-01-11 06:50:47

Susanah nooooooo!!!!!

Teri Teri 2020-01-11 01:46:52

durandal is here. :3

DaBronya 2020-01-11 00:05:25

Chill she’s fine i think.......