Second Eruption
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Sigil 2019-11-18 01:02:57

Yeah it is from Mihoyo. Uh Sirin's plot armour is literal god level. She was brain dead and came back lol. But really like the story and twists!

Ryooka 2019-11-15 11:08:38

is this web from mihoyo? i have read this manga at mangarock and this volume is completed

Yuuki161 2019-11-13 18:17:48

Sirin is adorable trying to ruin Siegfried and Cecilia's lives.

ArchAngel 2019-11-12 23:32:54


JFX 2019-11-11 23:01:56

Chptr 44 is missing some pages... So sad..

MsOut 2019-11-11 13:10:39

Hi! There's a problem with the last 10 pages of chapter 44 they're blank. Is it the same for you huys or just me?

KianaNym~ 2019-11-10 18:04:14

That kinda hurt especially when Sirin will realize she was fooled all the way...

Toto 2019-11-10 16:38:07

Is it just me or does Sirin kind of look like Sin when she was wearing the outfit Cecilia gave her to go shopping

ArchAngel 2019-11-09 17:27:06

These guys just made me feel sorry for sirin. :tericry:

Archer 2019-11-07 20:19:26

Also that mother daughter shopping scene is too precious! Ich liebe dich!

Archer 2019-11-07 20:18:06

The levels of meta in this chapter have just gone through the roof!

Lyle 2019-11-05 17:22:06

Also the whole arc for Fu Hua vs Sirin is epic and it explains why Fu Hua is how she is in the game

Lyle 2019-11-05 17:21:03

Okay ch 49 is pretty much milking (not in the literal terms of Sell out though. Basically just advertising the game crazily)Honkai Impact too much.

Metronix 2019-11-05 13:26:47


DaBronya 2019-11-04 12:47:45

Are those Bronya's parents in ch 40??

Archer 2019-11-03 08:11:47

Is that Bronya's mom?!

Koheek 2019-11-03 05:29:53

Lvl 83 :)

Metronix 2019-11-02 17:17:46

I'm level 78. You?

mimi 2019-11-02 05:39:10

I like it....*yawn* do you all have play honkai impact 3?what is your level?

mimi 2019-11-02 05:37:43

I like it....*yawn*