Second Eruption
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Nekochan 2019-09-15 05:52:27

Awuuuu lil liana is sooo kawaii ●w● <3

Anonymous 2019-09-12 00:17:35


Bobo 2019-09-09 02:02:28

Is there a change of quality or is it just me.

Ai chan 2019-09-06 14:53:23

Ai chan wants to suck welts juicy dick then let him fuck me!

CatLife602 2019-09-06 06:41:51

I hope they finish the main manga eventually.

Fluoxetina 2019-09-04 02:46:45

This is sooo good!

Chishima 2019-09-02 08:48:35

Well... actually in the Chinese server the comic has just finished yesterday. BTW. I LUV WELT!!! He's the kindest guy in the whole honkai-verse!

Nick 2019-09-01 03:39:54

I'm the only one who is worshipping bella/benares? I love her! (wish she will be playable)

• 3 < 2019-08-31 15:55:19

I want more > x <

Archer 2019-08-31 15:30:47

50 crystals says they go with plan B. With all the build-up and suspense that’s the next logical step for a writer.

fuxin 2019-08-31 12:02:24

i love the art :0

Dark Knigh 2019-08-31 08:28:03

HONKAI IMPACT really touching deeper in our mind and heart. These all should be in an Anime.

LadyFire 2019-08-30 14:06:24

Welt is so hot. Am I only one think of it?

Bronya 2019-08-28 13:51:17

Who do u guys think will win sirin or welt?

Anim@ster 2019-08-27 06:41:19

Give me more Cecilia !!!

C~chan 2019-08-23 23:05:48

The manga is so Awesome!!

Zecuteass 2019-08-23 15:35:03

Thank yiu Ai-Chan... i love the manga i love the univers ... the artworks is goddamn perfect and story too

Archer 2019-08-23 11:35:59

Siegfried just had a fan boy moment and I love it!

Yuki161 2019-08-19 23:37:01

Whoa whoa whoa isn't that freaking GGZ God Kiana?!?!

Knight 2019-08-19 11:10:47

This just makes me wonder how in gosh darn diddly heck did they stop her in the first place? Yes the game says Shicsaal nuked Russia but are they?